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Media Contact: Robert Jacobson
Phone: (800) 430-2119

Portsmouth, VA (PRWEB) May 5th, 2005 -- Finally, a website development company has arrived on the scene that caters to the needs of smaller independent dealers. Higher Turnover, LLC ( is poised to help the automotive industry transform seamlessly into the more efficient entity it will undoubtedly become.

Traditionally the online marketplace is somewhere only the larger, more technically advanced dealerships have been able to take full advantage of. Many existing companies charge hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis, and although many produce well-designed sites, they are not always cost-effective for the smaller dealerships.

Enter, Higher Turnover. "A large percentage of the nation's automobile dealers are these smaller independents," says Robert Jacobson, company President, "and we've decided to level the playing field with the larger dealers who have the extra money to hire internet managers and spend thousands of dollars on websites".

Higher Turnover keeps two very important principles in the forefront of their business philosophy. Pricing should be true to the value of the product, and more importantly, the product must be simple enough to use so the dealers aren't wasting precious time maintaining inventory instead of generating sales.

Ray Bonneau, Vice-President and Programming Director says "Creating a system where the least experienced computer users feel comfortable using has been a daunting task. Our simplistic approach to online inventory management involved highly complex programming skills and the end result is precisely what we had envisioned: the most useful tools that any novice will be able to use to generate more cash flow for their dealership."

"The basis for this business was born out of years of experience working for some of the largest online automotive classified websites, in direct contact with dealers of all types," added Jacobson. "After hearing these dealers say on a daily basis they believe in the internet and wish they could capitalize on it, we decided to do something about it for them and help them sell more cars."

Higher Turnover is based in Portsmouth, Virginia and services auto dealerships of all sizes with development of websites and inventory management solutions. Other services include consulting, online marketing, training, and lead management. Higher Turnover can be reached by calling (800) 430-2119 or visiting their website at

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