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Portsmouth, VA (PRWEB) March 24, 2006 -- Higher Turnover announced the results of a recent study today, analyzing dealership websites across a wide spectrum of dealers. The study findings indicate precisely what company president Robert Jacobson suspected. "Everybody wants to have the best website- all the bells and whistles, animations, etc. I see websites every day that look pretty good, but too many dealers are more concerned with one-upping their competitor instead of catering to the customers," said Jacobson. "Car buyers want a couple of things in a dealership website. Finding it in the first place is important, but once they've found the site they need to be able to find the vehicle they're looking for. After all, that is why they're there in the first place." Jacobson made it clear he was not saying dealers need a website address with nothing other than inventory. "What I'm saying is that you should consider simplifying your site if there is a lot of 'fluff'. There needs to be a balance between form and function, and at the same time you need to beware of oversimplifying."

Recommendations include checking your website statistics which should be available to you if you're using a reputable web design company. Look for specific things to analyze such as the time customers spend on your site, what pages they leave from, and what pages are not used by customers (and probably not needed). You may even have your friends/family (of different age groups) give you their opinion from the customer point of view. What do they like about the site or dislike? Jacobson said "These may seem like simple tips, but I guarantee there are people who will read this who have not been on their own websites since getting them set up."

Whether you already have a site or not, be sure to think from the customer standpoint to attain the highest possible closing ratio. A small change to your web design can make a huge difference to your bottom line. If you need any advice specific to your own situation, please request a free analysis through

Higher Turnover is based in Portsmouth, Virginia and services auto dealerships of all sizes with development of websites and inventory management solutions. Other services include consulting, online marketing, training, and lead management. Higher Turnover can be reached by calling (800) 430-2119 or visiting their website at

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