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Shelburne, VT (PRWEB) October 6, 2015 -- Car Salesperson Personal Websites Set to Change the Auto Industry

Higher Turnover Websites, a longtime provider of websites for both car dealers and individual car salespeople, has announced the release of their highly anticipated Salesperson Success System. After approximately two months of maintaining a waiting list for sales reps wanting the new service while the company wrapped up the large-scale project, Higher Turnover has launched the program as a follow-up to the wildly successful salesperson websites the company has been offering since 2005.

Robert "Jake" Jacobson, Company Founder and President, noted that one of the things that makes this a monumental day for automotive salespeople is that the dealers who employ them can now have the control over aspects of the salesperson sites that previously were unavailable. "As the first company to offer such a service, we've been providing websites for car salespeople for more than a decade. Within that timeframe, we've had the opportunity to really understand the problems faced by dealership executives, and how those relate to the challenges faced by the sales reps," said Jacobson. "Our solution solves some very important problems: enabling an average car salesman to become a top producer, and enabling the dealership to maintain control over sensitive things like vehicle pricing and lead distribution."

Higher Turnover's new platform gives control of inventory to the dealer or internet manager, while the salespeople can manage the other aspects of their own personally-branded websites. "This means a store with, for example, 50 sales reps is now able to sign up with us to provide each of their reps with their own website, complete with dealer inventory on every site, but restrict things like editing vehicles or viewing sensitive customer info like social security numbers" added Jacobson. "The benefit to the dealer is that it puts much of the marketing on the reps themselves which studies show elicits better response rates. If I were faced with the choice of spending $10,000 on a weekend newspaper ad or getting websites for all my salesmen that makes them want to promote themselves and the dealership, it's a no-brainer. Savvy dealers encourage use of social media among their reps, and this just takes the idea of self-promotion to the next level for the benefit of all involved."

Jacobson pointed out that car salesman personal websites can help attract and retain the best sales reps to a forward-thinking dealership using his company's services, but also that it actually encourages those reps to promote themselves more than they typically would. "It seems to give them something which empowers them, not just one more task for them to do," he added.

Dealers don't need to use Higher Turnover's services for a group of salespeople. In fact, the dealerships don't need to be involved at all if they don't want to be. Higher Turnover has made it clear that they will continue to offer their services to individual sales reps even without any dealer involvement. They just recommend being up front with the dealership management, especially if any dealer affiliation is made known through the salesperson's site.

For those dealers or salespeople interested in learning more about Higher Turnover Salesperson Websites, the company recommends visiting both and for current features and pricing.

About Higher Turnover Websites: Higher Turnover is based in Shelburne, Vermont, serving auto dealerships of all sizes and salespeople nationwide with development of websites, internet marketing, and inventory management solutions. Other services include consulting, training, and lead management. Higher Turnover can be reached by calling toll-free, (800) 430-2119 or visiting their websites at or

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