Resources for Car Dealers

The most successful dealers are continually learning. If you're just starting out in online marketing for your dealership or if you want to make sure you're headed in the right direction, this page has been created to give you some of the more important resources available to industry professionals.

Suggested Resources:

  • Auto Dealer Blogs - Blogs such as Online Auto Dealer and Dealer Refresh are great sources of information, and frequently you're able to interact directly with fellow dealers through comments on each post.
  • Articles for Car Dealers - Articles are a great way to stay current on industry trends, best practices, etc.
  • Dealership Case Study - Case studies are another way to see how very specific products or philosophies have impacted real dealers.
  • Dealer Testimonials - Testimonials about a particular product or service are often helpful because you're able to see how a website provider such as Higher Turnover has helped dealers like yourself.
  • Internet Marketing Guide - We offer a free interntet marketing guide to all dealers, and these types of publications can be a huge benefit to dealers.
  • Other Resources - There are many other resources available to dealers. For example, offers a Learning Library and has a comparable Dealer Center which are accessible to any dealer, and NIADA offers free training videos at on a variety of topics.