Custom Window Stickers for Car Dealers

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Our clients have the option of using a Custom Window Sticker like the one you see below. You're able to use any black and white printer because the colored portion of the sticker is pre-printed. You simply order the amount of stickers you want (no minimum order) and we print/ship them directly to your store. When you want to print a sticker for a vehicle, just load one of the pre-printed stickers in your black and white printer, click a few buttons, and the vehicle-specific data is printed right on the sticker. From there you just peel away the edges and stick to the inside of the vehicle window. Making your inventory look professional has never been so easy!

Many customers walk on your lot when you're not there, so these stickers are an effective way to make your dealership look more professional and to help sell customers on the cars even when you're not there. They add tremendous value, and while new car dealers have Monroney Stickers for their new inventory, why can't you use the same type of sales tools for your used vehicles?

While these Custom Window Stickers are the best option, our Basic Window Stickers are a great solution for those dealers looking to cut costs on window stickers.

Custom Window Sticker Sample

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