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The Federal Government mandates that every vehicle offered for sale include an FTC Buyer's Guide for the consumer. We make completion of these forms easy for you. From your administration panel, simply click on the print FTC icon for the vehicle you want, load one of our pre-printed stickers in your black and white printer, and all of your info is automaticallyl printed on the sticker. No more handwriting the year, make, model, VIN, or any of the other information you want on the buyer's guides. All of our window sticker products have adhesive on all four sides of the sticker, ensuring you get a good seal on the vehicle window.

If you're looking for a blank FTC Buyer's guide but don't need one for use with our system, you can download the official Warranty and As-Is FTC Buyers Guide layout from the FTC Website.

FTC Buyers Guide Sticker Sample

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