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Car Salesman

Car Salesman Personal Websites

You don't have to be GREAT to start, but you have to START to be GREAT!

Higher Turnover is the first website provider in the industry to offer individual car salesman websites. People buy from salespeople they like, and what better way to build rapport with potential customers than having your own website with photos of your family or other information that lets customers know you're a real person, not just someone trying to sell them a car? It's also no secret that there is a high turnover rate among salespeople within the auto industry. If you've ever moved from one dealership to another, then you'll probably understand the benefit of having your own website. The longer you've worked for a dealership, the more you've built up your own repeat customers, so why leave them with the dealership when it's time to move on?

As a dealer, having individual salesperson websites for your staff is a great way to improve morale, incentives, and of course generate more revenue. Salespeople with their own websites generally work harder to drive traffic to their own sites, because there's a direct impact on their commissions. Imagine a world where salespeople are proactive in marketing to and acquiring leads instead of only relying on the dealerships marketing efforts. It's much more efficient than cold calling old leads, and the fact that they're earning their own paycheck instead of sitting around waiting for the next walk-in actually generates excitement about work.

Benefits as a Salesperson

  • Brand yourself to build relationships
  • Take your website and leads with you if you change dealerships
  • Make sure your own marketing efforts don't end up generating sales for your coworkers instead
  • Work towards becoming the top salesperson at your dealership

Benefits as a Dealer

  • Give salespeople their own online identity
  • Help your primary dealership website SEO
  • Keep your salespeople happy with a perk that your competitors may not offer
  • Sell more vehicles - that's what it's all about!