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Lead Management

Auto Dealer Lead Management System

We work to improve your sales closing ratio. It's important that the customer can easily fill out any lead generation forms. Forms can be routed to the appropriate person within your dealership to ensure prompt customer service, keeping customers happy. Increase leads, increase ups, improve your sales closing ratio, and increase car sales, all while maximizing return on investment.

The customers enter their name, phone number, and email address. This is extremely valuable to you the dealer. The information is stored in a database for uses like future marketing activities. Our Lead Management System for car dealers takes it one step further. With your lead manager, all visitors will be tracked. If a visitor uses a lead generation form, their data, such as name, email address, and phone number are not just recorded but linked to that person's activity on your auto dealer site. The Lead Manager allows you to view each person's information, which vehicles they viewed closely, and also how they found your site in the first place. You are also able to track your Return on Investment (ROI) for advertising based on which media sources produce the highest number of quality customers for your dealership. If a visitor wants to test drive a vehicle and fills out that form, you as the dealer can log into the administration panel and see all the vehicles that visitor looked at and when they viewed them. You will effortlessly gather masses of information about your online shoppers, create a database for marketing activities, and see where people come from to help you generate more leads. Are you, the auto dealer, interested in how many people are clicking through to your website from your inventory on The Higher Turnover Lead Manager can let you know.

Having website statistics is crucial to understanding how an auto dealer website is being used by customers, how they find you, and ultimately lead generation. View daily, monthly and yearly traffic stats in numeric and graphical formats. See where your traffic is coming from and the summary information associated with it. You'll be able to pinpoint when your peak traffic times are, your own growth, and how customers are finding your website to begin with. If you're a dealer who likes to know everything about your customers and how your advertising money is being spent, everything you need to know is at your fingertips.

Auto industry lead generation statistics for car dealer’s show with a faster response time to a lead, the better chance to close a deal. Higher Turnover has incorporated into its lead management system a way to be sure and respond as quickly as possible to your customer inquiries. With each lead submitted through your website, you can set up multiple accounts in the admin panel to have instant notification sent to internet sales reps, managers, or owners. The leads sent through your online inventory will always be routed to email addresses you specify. You're sure to generate more leads and improve your sales closing ratio with instant follow ups.