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Micro Sites

Car Dealer Micro Sites

Because websites are fairly inexpensive and easy to deply, a trend has emerged for dealers using micro sites. What is a micro site? It's simply a term used to describe a website that serves a very specific and focused purpose.

Common Uses for Micro Sites:

  • Credit micro sites, emphasis on collecting credit applications, with or without actual inventory on the site
  • Specific ad campaigns, for example, a website address only used in targeted radio ads
  • Small niche inventory, for example, if you sell Honda vehicles but have a small collection of classic cars
  • Sites for individual salespeople or F&I Directors can be used to brand the person rather than the dealership

Benefits of Micro Sites

By being so focused on one purpose, when done properly micro sites can offer higher conversion ratios (more leads per visitor) than a primary dealership site. They can also offer better SEO for terms that don't get ranked so well on your primary website.