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SMS | Tracking Number

SMS Texting and Call Tracking

Did you ever want to know exactly where every phone call or lead came from? We now provide just that type of information to dealerships like you across the country! At just $19 a month, you will have a phone number local to your dealership. We then forward all calls to those numbers to up to five other phone lines. All calls are recorded, timed, and logged. You can make robo calls to one, some or all those who have called your dealership. When the call comes in, you or your staff will first hear where the lead came from based on the number they called. The customer will hear a message telling the call is recorded for quality assurance, keeping you compliant with all FCC regulations.

These numbers also receive text messages. When we receive a message instead of making your phone ring, we send you and your staff messages alerting you that you have a lead. That message will identify the vehicle they are looking at as well as what advertisement they see it in. You or your staff can then engage in a live chat conversation, all powered by SMS! Your customer never gets the cell phone numbers of you or your staff when you reply; all replies will go to and from that tracking number they saw!