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Window Sticker overview

Basic Window Stickers | Custom Window Stickers | FTC Buyer Guide Stickers

We all know that detailed vehicle information that is presented in an eye catching and professional manner is imperative to consistent selling of vehicles in the auto industry. Our years of experience in the auto industry and creating custom graphics will lead the way when working with your dealership to create professional window stickers for each vehicle. Our custom window stickers will give your dealership a professional appearance and help you build value for the vehicle shopper.

Benefits of Vehicle Window Stickers:

  • Display vehicle information to customers
  • Brand your dealership on every vehicle
  • Build value in each car or truck by presenting full vehicle options
  • Let your vehicles sell themselves when your dealership is closed

We offer three types of window stickers for car dealers:

  • Basic Window Stickers – You have the option of printing a Basic Window Sticker using a black and white printer. The window stickers are "peel and stick" with the printed information to the inside of the vehicle windows.
  • Custom Window Stickers - Pre-printed in full color with your custom graphics created to represent your dealership with your logo and colors. You are able to use any black and white printer because the colored portion of the sticker is pre-printed.
  • FTC Buyer's Guide Stickers - Required by Federal law for each vehicle, No more handwriting the year, make, model, VIN, or any of the other information you want on the buyer's guides. All of our window sticker products have adhesive on all four sides of the sticker, ensuring you get a good seal on the vehicle window.