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New Car Dealers

From Plug-n-Play to Fully Custom, We Have You Covered!

Higher Turnover customizes your car dealer website to your business. We tailor our template themes to match your color schemes and branding. If you have a complete vision of the perfect website for your business, we can do that too with a custom website! All of our websites are responsive and self-managed.

Website Design for New Car Dealers

We work with all types of car dealers. New car dealers have found our superior products and services fit their needs. Many providers charge four times higher just because they assume a new car dealer has money to spend. Our philosophy is to charge all dealers the same for our products, regardless of dealer size. If a dealer wants our services, we are not going to charge more just because they're a bigger dealer or sell new cars.

What Type of New Car Dealers We Typically Serve:

  • New Car Dealers - Always know what your website costs from month to month without fluctuating prices.
  • New Car Dealerships in Rural Areas - Things change especially quick for car dealers, therefore you don't want to be locked in to an annual contract like most providers require. Everything is month-to-month with Higher Turnover.
  • Dealerships without an Internet Department - Choose a company who has real-world experience with your business. We have representatives that worked the front lines at a dealership level and worked for years helping car dealers grow into larger, successful and profitable dealerships in a short period.
  • New Car Dealers Who Want to Cut Costs - Some providers offer features that are used by larger new car dealers but not necessary for other dealers. We offer what you need, not items you don’t.
  • Dealers Who Want a Secondary Website - Many of our new car dealer clients use our products to supplement what they are already doing. Whether it's a second website where you need more control over the OEM provided website (such as for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealers, Ebiz for Ford dealers, etc.) or if you just want a separate website that targets your subprime finance customers, our price points are low so you're able to supplement an existing website to fit all your needs.

Tools Needed by New Car Dealers

  • Automatic DMS Inventory Updates - New car dealers use DMS (dealership management software) to manage their inventory. We work with providers and establish an automatic feed so you don't need to manage vehicle manually and your website inventory is always up to date.
  • CRM Integration - New car dealers use a CRM (customer relationship management) system more often than their used car dealer counterparts. Higher Turnover is fully equipped to integrate with your existing CRM software so all website leads are automatically imported into your CRM.
  • Exports to 3rd Party Websites - New car dealers use more 3rd party sites to advertise (such as,, etc.). We do NOT charge per feed! Higher Turnover sends ALL your inventory automatically to all your paid advertisers including dozens of free 3rd party sites.